Ep 03 Roast Whisperer

Honey, are you there? It’s me, BINGE! Cody and Ned are back this week to hit you with the J-Love-Hew ‘classic’, GHOST WHISPERER! Now I don’t want to say they disliked it, but the title might give their opinion away!!


S/O To Anuj Bhutani from the Impromptu Movie Night Podcast for makin this sound sweeet!

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Ep 02 Finale McBeal!

Oh, honey! Cody and Ned are back after a wild week of Houston flooding to help shrink your sorrows away. This week, the binge boys dive deep into one of the 90’s most talked about TV shows, ALLY MCBEAL! Listen as they discuss visual gags, clever-ish writing, and of course that dancing baby gif!

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Episode One Tree Hill!

Welcome to the first episode of Honey, I Shrunk the Binge!
Cody and Ned are excited to lead you on a journey through an entire TV series in a matter of minutes (sixty-one of them!)!

What better place to start than square One (Tree Hill)?!